Rapid Injection Moulding

Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms carefully. They may change at any time without notice so you should recheck them before placing any order. By using this service and website you are agreeing to these terms. On each order for tooling or parts you are accepting the latest terms detailed here.

Mould Ownership

To achieve great value tooling we use a bespoke system that minimizes additional material and milling. Unfortunately this means that your mould is not transferrable to another injection moulding company as it requires proprietary mechanics to function correctly. Therefore to protect our proprietary IP we will under no circumstance be obliged to transfer a mould to a customer, and so for simplicity Swift Mould Limited own the physical mould. However, Swift Mould will never use that mould for any other customer without our customers express permission.


We do offer a service where we produce moulds that can be transferred to another injection moulding company and where you as the customer own the mould. This is only the case when explicitly stated. Generally these moulds will be more expensive as the come withthe full mechanics of the bolster to operate.

Tooling & Production Timescales

The timelines provided are estimates only. Quotes indicating a lead-time are for the tool manufacture only. Production will run shortly thereafter, however be aware that depending on the mould complexity the first sample parts may take anything from a number of days to a couple of weeks to become available.


Cancelling a mould may be possible and the cost incurred will be based on the amount of labour, machine time and other losses that Swift Mould Limited incur.

Unused Moulds

Moulds that have not had a production order for 2 years from the date of the last order may be sent for recycling. It is the customers responsibility to inform us once every 12 months if the tool is still required, in which case we will continue to store the tool. If a tool has not been used in over 2 years and the customer wishes us to carry on storing the mould, there will be a £50+VAT per year storage fee for every year thereafter that the tool is not used.


All prices listed are ex-VAT. Swift Mould reserve the right to change the unit cost of a part and production setup cost without notice. This may be a result of poor part design leading to long cycle times when the tool reaches production, fluctuations in material and energy proces and any other reasons.


The biggest factor in the quality of an injection moulded part is the design of that part. The customer is responsible for ensuring the design is manufacturable and is responsible for any defect arising from poor product design. Swift Mould Limited will help when asked to assess a design, but due to the volume of parts Swift Mould look through daily we are not responsible if any part design consideration is missed.


Customers are advised to not plan any subsequent services, product launches and similar costly tasks until plastic parts supplied are produced and available. Swift Mould Limited under no circumstances shall be held liable for losses arising from our service. This includes any downstream losses to our customers due to any part of service from Swift Mould Limited.

Production & Ordering

Productions timescales are not guaranteed. Estimates may be given at the time of order but are under no circumstances guaranteed. Orders are not confirmed unless they are shown as In Progress on the portal. If submitting a Purchase Order, it must be confirmed by receipt of an Invoice from Swift Mould to be confirmed that the order and terms have been accepted. Swift Mould reserve the right to not ship product to a customer where invoices are outstanding or overdue. In such circumstances where an invoice is overdue it shall void any promised delivery schedule or contractual or stated Swift Mould liabilities.

Payment Terms

Payment is normally conducted as payment on order. In some circumstances we may accept payment prior to shipping product. In cases where there is a credit invoices will have 7 days before the invoice becomes overdue.

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